.AM/.ՀԱՅ Inter-Registrar Transfer Procedure

Registered Name Holders must be able to transfer their domain name registrations between Registrars according to the standard transfer procedure.

The first step should be completed by domain name holder himself. A "transfer code" need to be generated either by following the appropriate link on the AM NIC (https://www.amnic.net/) web site or by asking the current (losing) registrar. The code should be passed then to the gaining registrar.

Being asked by a domain name holder the gaining registrar should submit the transfer request.

After receiving a request from the gaining registrar, confirmation requests are generated and sent by e-mail to the losing registrar and administrative contact of the domain name. Each message contains links to approve/refuse of the transfer or check its current status. A separate message is sent to the gaining registrar that allows him to check the transfer status. All the links of each entity are secured with a separate one-time password.

As soon as both losing registrar and administrative contact approve the transfer, it will be approved.

If one of two denies the transfer it will be denied.

If no response is received from the losing registrar in one week it is assumed approved. If no response is received from the administrative contact in the same week the transfer will be refused.

As soon as process finishes either by explicit approval/refusal or by timeout all three parties will be informed by e-mail.

There is a choice to prevent possible transfer request(s) in advance by activating the domain lock flag. In that case the registry will not accept the request initially.

Any transfer request for a domain name that has been registered or transferred or refused to be transferred less than two months ago will be refused.